Website Concept
Like The Ringer but for players
Art Direction, Branding, UI/UX
UI Guide / Component Library
Responsive design system for university executed in Sketch and the inVision DSM.
Web Design, UI/UX, Graphic Design
Teledentistry Site with eCommerce
UI/UX, Web Design, Art Direction
Nightlife App Concept
Like Yelp + Waze for nightlife.
Art Direction, UI/UX, Graphic Design
Dentistry App Style Guide
Experience attributes: light, clear, sterile but human, contemporary, reliable, neutral, respected, dental, comforting, calm, clinical but not stodgy, cool, slate, sleek, hi-tech, smooth, friendly.
UI/UX, Web Design
Ecommerce - Wireframes/UX
Extra special attention was paid to faceted filter search, which presents unique challenges to display on small views
UI/UX, Web Design
Ecommerce - Visual Design
Providing a clean, clear, bold Interface for an environmentally friendly corporate reuse site
UI/UX, Web Design, Graphic Design
RIGBY 1.0 Live Style Guide
Live style guide framework for enterprise applications based on atomic design and other modular style guide concepts. Executed design, HTML, + CSS.
UI/UX, Web Development, Web Design
Homepage + Case Studies Refresh
Not a complete redesign, but rather making the existing content sing a little more while being clear about who the company is and what they do.
UI/UX, Web Design, Graphic Design
LaRocque Consulting Branding
What is an appropriate symbol for organizational development?
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
IMEDEEN Responsive UX/UI
Elegant, simple responsive web design. Thinking clean & clear across all breakpoints.
UI/UX, Web Design, Graphic Design
'90s Revival Band - Design
Playing bass, creating the brand, graphic design, social media and marketing
Branding, Graphic Design, Art Direction
SEER Closed Loop Motion Graphic
Simple explanation of a complex offering. Storyboard, design, animation, sound in after effects.
Animation, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
IHOP Presentation
Graphic Design, Art Direction
Responsive Ecommerce UX/UI
UI/UX, Web Design, Graphic Design
Miscellaneous Early Design
Try not to look too closely
Graphic Design, Art Direction
Fitness Club Branding
A crabby muscularity to this mark
Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Example Dashboard
This allows for insurance underwriters to build out rate quotes. I actually performed more of the UI / style tasks, the UX flow had mostly been determined.
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