Painting, Mostly Digitally
After seeing David Hockney's iPad paintings I realized digital art could be gestural, expressive, + painterly.
Digital Art, Fine Arts, Painting
Automatic Landscape No. 32
Attempting to create an every changing landscape with sunrise and sunset using p5.js. Each iteration is a unique generation of the code, like nature itself.
Programming, Digital Art, Animation
Wiggly Forest Sponge Tree
One of Many in a Series of Automatic Drawings. Who says code and digital art can't be expressive and painterly? Playing with mark making and erasure, hinting at the give and take of natural processes like creation and erosion.
Programming, Animation, Digital Art
Flannel - A Grungy '90s Revival - Live Performances
Resurrecting the last great era of Rock music. My roles: bass, branding, concept, design, social media.
Fine Arts, Painting, Digital Art
Collaging hip-hop with the unexpected using samples both familiar and obscure.
Op Art Line Drawings
Illustration, Drawing, Digital Art
Photos, Usually Collaged
Photography, Digital Art, Digital Photography
Be Careful Mapping Skin Onto Bulbous 3D Objects
Tinkering with p5.js and it's ability to map textures onto 3D objects led to some unexpected results.
Digital Art, Programming, Animation
Imagined Landscapes
Drawing, Digital Art, Illustration
"Abstract" Grid Collages
Digital Art, Fine Arts
Rendering a Skull 6 Billion Ways
The Met is making parts of their collection public domain so got to programming an infinite amount of versions of this 17th century ivory skull using p5js. At 1 frame per second it would take, well, about 32 years to represent all the people on earth, and on the right computer(s) could run that long...
Programming, Web Development, Digital Art
Domestic Life Illustrations
Illustration, Drawing, Digital Art
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