Luke Madeira, Digital Product Designer

"Luke was brought in for a very large scale project of transitioning a 300+ page website from desktop to a responsive CMS platform. His knowledge for front-end responsive web development made him a core asset to the team. He worked diligently to define component specs, re-created assets to working in the new responsive environment, and guide the team to problem solve design elements that were not easily transitioned. He was always thinking of inventive ways to overcome obstacles while remaining true to the scope of the project. Luke was a great team member and brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas to the table as an expert in UX, design, and development." - VP, Director, Project Management

Beauty Counter iPad App for Cosmetic Leader
iPad, Visual Design, UX, UI
Design System for Large Healthcare Provider
Case Study: eLearning Management Product
The problem: an eLearning media provider's clients need a better way to content manage and track the progress of their eLearning programs. What good is the engaging and immersive eLearning media provided without a way to serve, manage and track it?
UX, UI, research, project management
Corporate Reuse Wireframes/UX
Extra special attention was paid to faceted filter search, which presents unique challenges to display on small views
UI/UX, Web Design
Corporate Reuse - Visual Design
Providing a clean, clear, bold Interface for an environmentally friendly corporate reuse site
UI/UX, Web Design, Graphic Design
Dentistry App Style Guide
Experience attributes: light, clear, sterile but human, contemporary, reliable, neutral, respected, dental, comforting, calm, clinical but not stodgy, cool, slate, sleek, hi-tech, smooth, friendly.
UI/UX, Web Design
Banking Start Up Responsive Web UX/UI
Navigate through the lightly prototyped mobile view. Also included: wireframes and a few desktop views.
Nightlife App Concept
Like Yelp + Waze for nightlife.
Art Direction, UI/UX, Graphic Design
Case Study: Generative NFT Collectible Start-up Project
University Responsive Website
Browse the set of partially interactive embedded invision prototypes.
UI, Responsive Design, Accessible Design
UI Guide / Component Library
Responsive design system for university executed in Sketch and the inVision DSM.
Web Design, UI/UX, Graphic Design
Athlete Analytics Platform Branding + Digital Design
Rebranding with a new mark and how it will play out in the digital wild
Rich User Stories with Lo-fi Wireframes
🔒Password Protected. Designing to a rich user story discovered in user research.
UX, UI, Rich User Stories
'90s Revival Band - Design
Playing bass, creating the brand, graphic design, social media and marketing
Branding, Graphic Design, Art Direction
Patient Intake Form
For use on an iPad or laptop while screening and administering to perhaps large sets of patients in the field.
Teledentistry Site with eCommerce
UI/UX, Web Design, Art Direction
Homepage + Case Studies Refresh
Not a complete redesign, but rather making the existing content sing a little more while being clear about who the company is and what they do.
UI/UX, Web Design, Graphic Design
Responsive Ecommerce UX/UI
UI/UX, Web Design, Graphic Design
RIGBY 1.0 Live Style Guide
Live style guide framework for enterprise applications based on atomic design and other modular style guide concepts. Executed design, HTML, + CSS.
UI/UX, Web Development, Web Design
Case Study: Solving Systemic Library eLending Problems
A hulking beast of a UX and business problem needed solving in the library space.
Website Concept
Like The Ringer but for players
Art Direction, Branding, UI/UX
IMEDEEN Responsive UX/UI
Elegant, simple responsive web design. Thinking clean & clear across all breakpoints.
UI/UX, Web Design, Graphic Design
LaRocque Consulting Branding
What is an appropriate symbol for organizational development?
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
Fitness Club Branding
A crabby muscularity to this mark
Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design
IHOP Presentation
Graphic Design, Art Direction
Miscellaneous Early Design
Try not to look too closely
Graphic Design, Art Direction
SEER Closed Loop Motion Graphic
Simple explanation of a complex offering. Storyboard, design, animation, sound in after effects.
Animation, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics